Wednesday, April 22, 2009


After planting seedlings and heading to the Co-op, Aleks wanted to stop at Borders. I'm usually quite reluctant about trips like that, but this day I was cool with it, for some odd reason. So we headed there, talked to Heather for a few minutes and got the tremendously well decorated and delicious hot chocolate they offer in the cafe. Then we browsed books for what felt like hours.

I took a look at Keri Smith's new book How to be an Explorer of the World -Portable Art/Life Museum. Then I took an unusual photo of it.
And stars and dust (stardust) above the bookshelves in the children's section.
And of the ceiling.
Finally, we left with a book about reptiles for Aleks and a Diego book for Bastian (whose middle name is actually Diego). Aleks has been especially interested in reptiles and amphibians since he decided that he wanted a pet snake. Our lengthy discussions on the matter resulted in a final decision: Aleks will be getting a leopard gecko for his birthday sometime this summer, given lovingly and freely with all necessary equipment to him by our friend Barbara and her lovely youngest daughters who have become bored with geckos as they have become full-blown, crotchety adolescents. We're going to wait until we get back from vacation at least so we know what we're doing by the time we have to tell a sitter. It will be the children's first real pet. It's quite exciting.

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Erin said...

Pop-up books are the best! And I love the "How to be an explorer of the world" book! We checked it out from the library awhile back, but eventually I would like to get a copy for each of the boys to use as journals. :)