Monday, April 27, 2009

Should We Talk About the Weather?

Well until the last two days, it was all so lovely that it was the only thing to talk about, but alas now we can talk about the government and the zombie apocalypse that's comin' via the swine flu. Or whatever. Let's not talk about that. Let's just remind ourselves that Vitamin D helps prevents colds and illness (along with probiotics and omegas), and we'll go out and enjoy the sunshine, suck down our ice cream cone and get on with it.

The last several days have been nothing but playing in the yard, digging in the dirt, lunching on the porch in my new wicker chairs, using the ottoman as a table for our empire, and taking walks to Coventry for snacks, books, and playing. The neighbors have all been out in the yard, helping Papa with the garden, walking their dogs, and having barbecues on their porches. It's been such fun. It feels almost like summer. We can't wait.

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