Monday, April 27, 2009

Back to Walkin'...

For weeks now, it's been one thing after another: out of town visits, birthday parties, car break-ins, illnesses of one sort or another, endless doctor visits, and the loss of a friend, all amidst the usual meetings for volunteer work, meetings for creative work, getting the garden ready, conflicts with neighbors, looking for work, keeping up on the house, and committing genocide against the ants that are now overtaking our home. Somehow, in all that, our library books got to be rather late.

So today, after calls to figure out health insurance, life insurance, and doctor's bills, along with bill paying, and a lovely letter from the Lego company thanking Aleks for his input (three letters he sent to them a few weeks ago), the boys and I packed up the wagon and headed all the way up the hill for a library visit. We stopped at the hardware store along the way as well for boric acid for killing more ants and grass seed for creating the grass heads we're going to make at art day tomorrow.

On the way, Aleks demonstrated that he can do the Thriller Dance while walking. It reminded me that my only New Year's resolution this year was to learn said Thriller Dance, which I have not yet accomplished. Gotta get on that. Maybe a good project for the fall.The library took much longer than expected as we had to check in the two large bags that we returned before we could check out the three large bags we took home. Plus there were a lot of people waiting who all went in front of us because there was but one circulation clerk.
Then the boys rolled down the hill of the big park and I watched from very far away (which made me nervous) as they played for just a few minutes before dinner. The place was packed and the evening breeze was making it the perfect temperature.
Another good day despite no jobs, no money, no health care, no future, and swine flu on the way!

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Mel said...

*grin* Indeed it is....

PS. Corn meal works well for ant-ocide....they take it back to their nest and well....let's just say, it doesn't agree with them....still horrifically violent, but much less toxic to the rest of the world...:)