Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Grass Heads

For Art Day, we did a project found on Ordinary Life Magic, originally from Usborne Big Book of Things to Do: Grass Heads.

We had the basic ingredients. Socks:Dirt (okay, potting soil):Grass seed (purchased as "turf builder"):
And straight pins:
We did not follow instructions though. We didn't stretch our socks over cups the way you're "supposed" to. But then, we're unschoolers and we do whatever the hell we want. We put seeds in, put dirt in, tied it off (and figuring out how to do that so the knot wouldn't be at the bottom, but the seeds would be at the top was initially complicated), then put buttons on with pins. Like beading, placing buttons with pins was Bastian's favorite part.
Jonas was here too, so I took a photo for his mama, who was not.
Then we placed them outside in the rain. Bastian loved these things and made three of them. In the end, he got a little crazy with the pins. Those are both his on the left. Aleks' is meant to be a skull and has pins for teeth.
This was Bastian's last grass head and he really got into the pins by the end of it.
These two are mine. The one on the right was the first to figure out how to do the project and the one on the left was because there needed to be a cyclops. You just always gotta have a monster around. They come in handy. I'm not sure what for at the moment, however.



EliOllie said...

That looks fun!

Not A Crime said...

We make these with pantyhose and you can tie them into sausage like lengths and stick pipe cleaners in and call them grass caterpillars :)

Lillian said...

I want to do this!!