Sunday, March 29, 2009

Aleks Decides Dinner, With Walk

Aleks decided that we should all go to Tommy's for dinner, then head to the park to hopefully meet up with his new friend, Iris, who we see there with some frequency (and who he ran into there on Saturday). Alas, it rained and got much colder, so the park was not to be. We took an umbrella and walked to Tommy's for dinner anyway. Mama was the only one to bundle up properly, however, as she is a freeze baby and knows it.Aleks was dismayed and Bastian delighted to discover that the raincoat no longer fits Aleks' long arms (and hasn't for some time, despite what they might believe), but fits Bastian's three-year-old arms quite well.
At dinner, Aleks had grilled cheese, Bastian had pizza, we all had fries, and the boys both drank hot chocolate. Yummilicious junk food for our bellies. Aleks also learned about the Great Lakes and all their names, though I'm not sure if it was in context enough to remember all of it.

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