Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Art Day: Animal Mobile Beginnings

For Art Day, I planned to make animal mobiles, like those made in India. I saw a simple example years ago at the home of a friend whose daughter had constructed one of yarn and egg carton pieces. I figured we could give that a shot and embellish them a bit further.

We only got so far today as we had to wait for the paint to dry. Next week we'll attach "heads" and eyes and all manner of do-dads along with affixing them to string with beads. I tried to decoupage a few, but it was quite time-consuming and I was a bit distracted chasing down littles with paint-soaked hands lest they touch my couch. We have fine beginnings nonetheless. In my magazine collage box, I found an article about Philip Pullman as well, whom I love, so after everyone had left, but before I cleaned up completely, I sat and read it. I might have to try another reading of His Dark Materials at some point. I love it so and surely there was much I missed.

Completed mobiles can be seen here.

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Julie said...

I love this! I'm always wondering what to do with my leftover egg cartons. Exited to see your final creatures:)