Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December 20th

Having gone to Archbold and come back the day previous, we weren't too ramped up about having another activity on the 20th.
And while the envelope announced that we were to bake holiday cookies, I felt that the chocolate chip cookies we'd baked earlier in the month would have to suffice for now.
Besides, we had other things to tackle on the 20th. For instance, the threat that pinworms might still be hanging about our house. I am usually quite the stringent housekeeper, and when I'd found out we had worms, I did my best to dust and sweep and wash tons and tons of laundry. I did figure that I could let some things go - washing the toys for instance, but when by the 20th there were still symptoms despite medication, we decided to give getting rid of any and all eggs our best shot. So we did this:
We washed all the toys. First, we started with the Lego, which seemed the most obvious culprit, but then we decided might as well make absolutely sure. So while nearly every fabric item we own went through a hot wash, the toys went for a soak. This is really not the best way to treat your wooden toys at all. It would like be better to take a cloth and some vinegar spray to eat and every one of them instead. But this saves time. Unfortunately, it also strips paint, so our marble run looks suddenly quite aged. Most things fared well enough and I doubt we'll have to do such nonsense again. In fact, I'm relying on it for the life of our toys.

It was ridiculous. I don't recommend it. Also, it turned out we did not still have pinworms after all. Hopefully we managed to suck the life out of anything else though.

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