Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December 21st

The pinworm cleaning episode lasted two days in addition to generally feeling stressed and crummy.
So instead of baking more cookies in addition to those we did not bake the day before, we hung out, slept in, watched movies, and generally wasted time. Oh, and I spent the day making two recycled plastic bag bags for my sisters' gifts.


becks said...

love the plastic bag bag! no one passed out from the fumes? i haven't been brave enough to try this yet, as i am still recovering from the time jerms and i made lp wrist cuffs in a toaster oven in college.

anna kiss said...

The pic is the first one I ever made a couple of years ago. Somehow the fumes aren't that bad - it's with an iron, so it's not terribly hot or melty. I keep the kids away though and inhale them all myself!