Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December 19th

I'm so behind! On blogging about the things we did, primarily, but I also got a bit behind and lost in our Countdown... Ah well. Catching up is in order and will likely be slower than I'd like.

On the 19th, we sent Aleks off to get his envelope quite early despite staying up far too late doing quite unimportant things as adults. This was mainly to stop the thrashing about in bed that tends to happen as Aleks and Bastian wake up and wake each other up and begin playing and fighting on top of my resting body. This results in elbows to stomachs and the clenching of teeth and sometimes a bit of growling. I won't say who does the growling.I like Christmas food on my envelopes. It looks so much lovelier than the actual food we prepare. I don't usually dress my chickens with lavender sprigs though. I wonder what that would taste like...I had intended that we go to something called Celebration of Light at Shaker Lakes which involved some sort of walk in the woods or something. Unfortunately, Jon instead made plans for the 19th that we go visit his Baba. Since Aleks can't read, when we were asked to read this activity, we simply said, "Go visit Baba." Okay, I know that's lying, but I think it's pretty innocent in order to avoid a fight. It's just a holiday drive to Archbold instead of a holiday walk. So for the sake of humoring me and my husband's inability to check with me before making plans, pretend that this says, "Go visit Baba." And visit Baba we did. And I forgot the camera. I was told I would be receiving an email with photos in it, at which time I will add them to this, but for now everyone will just have to take my word for it that we went to visit the boys' last living great-grandparent. Uncle Sam, Aunt Katie, and Jon's cousins Leda and Greg were also visiting from California. They said some nice things about Aleks and Bastian, who were a bit wild, but very well behaved. They like Greg quite a bit - something about gentle older boys (by older I mean, um, 23 in this case). We also had the opportunity to see Jon's Uncle Denny, his wife Karen and their three daughters. It is rare that we see this side of the family at all. The last time we were all together with all of Jon's other uncles and aunts and Dad was when his Gedo died three years ago. We'll have to try for another visit this summer.


Lynnie said...

Don't you just cherish this time in a child's life when you can still get away with casual lying? : )

Sarah V said...

I did the advent envelope activity thing too, and there was once or twice that I had to, um, adjust the written activity when I read it to my 4 year old. However, he has taken to asking me "where does it say 'go'?" or "where does it say 'cookies'?" and making me point to each individual word as I read it. I think he was on to me, lol.