Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Visit to Anna's

We seem to be going to Anna's to visit the kids and hang out about once a week now at least. She has these mystery squash/melon vines popping up all over her garden. We lifted the plastic pool to empty the rainwater grossness and discovered a bunch of earthworms, which Bastian helped gather to put in the garden. Since it had been awhile since it had rained, the ground was really too dry for them, so Bastian watered the plants to make things nice and loose. He pretty much crushed the bell pepper though.
Lavinia insisted I take a picture of her. Apparently this is a smile.
The boys put all the backyard toys together to form a big double slide.
Bastian, who is terrified of the three-story slide at the Dreaded Big Park, had zero fear of this thing.

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