Sunday, August 3, 2008

It Seemed Like Such a Good Idea at the Time

Painting outside on a beautiful Sunday afternoon seemed like a really good idea. I brought out a map so I could paint it along side the boys with their giant sheet of paper. And the new paints were nice too. It all starts out so lovely. Boys painting. Papa playing catch in the yard with the neighbor.
Then zombie hands.
And of course mimicked zombie hands.
Then some spreading paint around.
And some spilling paint for more zombie hands (and legs).
Then some wading in it like we were squashing grapes.
And the whole body and both kids are involved suddenly. The paper is tearing and they're running off around the house, touching things with paint that they need not touch.
I try to encourage a good rinse in the hose.
More running around, nearing the house, trying to go in the back door...
And we go inside for a bath...the end.

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