Monday, August 11, 2008

Recent Acquisitions

Some recent creations in our house, since I've finally found the time (what with Aleks puking all last night) to scan them in...

Bastian's watercolor and blackberry painting...Another watercolor from the same day. The unbleached paper really absorbs nicely and gives it a nice background.
Aleks woke me one morning a couple of weeks ago and made me write this letter to Santa Claus. Normally, I am very careful when taking dictation to write in a way that he might recognize the letters and some of the words, using all capital letters and print handwriting, but I was half-asleep and opted for my normal illegible hybrid for speed. The letter explains this thing he's been talking about ever since:
Dear Santa,
I want you to get me a giant robot lizard with ice lasers that can change things to a block of ice and which can transform from a giant robot lizard into a green car. Don't forget and from a car to tiny green ball for only playing in the forest and get rid of bullies when I see one.
I later noticed that the drawing had bunches of arrows as though it were a schematic. I also asked why he needed to write to Santa so urgently. He explained that it was so Santa would have time to build this giant green robot lizard, which, I am told, is to be ten feet tall.
This is the plan for our poxy chicken, which I drew, but then Bastian drew circles around it with each of the different colored markers, demonstrating to me that he is indeed developmentally appropriate for his age.

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Anonymous said...

Just grandma barbe checking in . I miss every one of you. love you all.