Saturday, August 2, 2008

Day in the Life... or Laziness

Since our mobility is limited due to Bastian's lousy chicken pox, I had to think of things to do indoors. With normal amounts of putzing around in the morning plus normal amounts of computer time, I brought out the collage box. The kids took a minor interest, Aleks cutting a few things, then going back to Lego building, trying to escape to outside to visit the neighbors, and playing games on the laptop. Bastian wanted to watch "my moo-ee!!!" (Dora the Explorer videos, gag) over and over and freaked out whenever anyone got in his way, whether simply to touch the dvd case (in the circumstance of Aleksander's interference) or to actually try to use the computer he was watching on whether he was currently absorbed or not (in the case of me). I got little done in the way of collaging before Bastian was itching just way too much and needed a good oatmeal soak. He was completely opposed to actually getting in the bath, so I just made bath up in a bucket again and used cheesecloth and my hands to rub it on the itchy bits.
He liked playing with the goop as well.
He looked so awful today. The sores around his mouth had multiplied and burst open. It seems that his face is quite populated, about as evenly as his back and belly. His limbs have it least. He actually has one in his right eye as well. I think it's just inside the corner nearest his nose. I can't see it, but it's all red around the rim and oozes gunk.
Bastian's been into taking pictures lately, which makes me quite nervous, but his shrieks from taking the camera away seem to irritate me more than my anxiety.
He's also been building these designs with the marble run, not actually stacking them, just arranging them intricately. He's now added marbles to it. Eventually they scatter all over and I've spent many many hours now chasing down marbles underneath all our furniture. He took this close-up himself, which I quite like.
Finally, I finished my collage project, which was a chicken with pox to go on the window, a little like a warning of quarantine. I drew a chicken first as a guide, which Bastian circled with each of the different colored markers. He doesn't draw at all yet, so I'm thrilled to see the circles. It's something and according to some list I found online, a good indicator of being aligned with his developmental age.
A close up, so you can see the pox.
Bastian did some cutting and pasting after seeing my chicken as well. I found the cutting of the eyes to be a little creepy. So are models though, really.
Here's his design, overlayed on some Google Maps print out that we don't need anymore. Maps are really fun to work with, actually. I want to paint on some. We have a bunch from old National Geographic magazines.
Once our art was done, some boys came to play for a bit. They played Lego, video games, and blew up balloons. It was good to have visitors since we're not taking Bastian out in public really.


Julie said...

Oh, no--Dora! I haven't learned to love her yet. Love your poxed chicken.

Lynnie said...

Great chicken and soup of cut-out eyes! I love the name of your blog and your kids have some pretty cool adventures. Can you send a couple little chicken pox germs this way so we don't have to vaccinate before kindergarten?

Alana said...

Great chicken. We have not had chicken pox yet..Add is nearly 8. Too bad we arent in Cleveland to get infected.
I enjoy your blog btw.