Monday, August 11, 2008

Birthday Party Invitations

Since Aleks was all pukey, I decided it was finally time to work on the invitations for his party, which will likely not even reach the guests before the intended day. Luckily, they've all already been invited by phone or in person, so it doesn't much matter. I wanted to use drawings of Aleks' and print the information on top of them. I thought this was an excellent way to dispose of some of the million drawings littering the house and share his work at the same time.

When he saw what I'd done, however, Aleksander was not pleased. When I needed more invites, we had to do something else. So we used the Bakugan cards I'd scanned as a background and made a new sheet. He appreciated this much better, though was still confused about why I'd want to use his art. Because it's freaking awesome, of course!

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