Saturday, August 2, 2008

Water Experiment

While watching the neighbor boys (who are both 24-year old bio-medical engineering graduate students) hit golf balls around the yard, Aleks turned on their hose, which sprayed all over him and the driveway. He continued to add more water to the puddles, turning the water on after every time I'd turn it off. Then he started following the trail to see how far the water would go and if it would make it to the street.Bastian joined in and they watched it pool over the cracks very intently.
We tried pushing the larger pools forward, to add to it, but the ground was hot and soaked a lot of it up.

We had to add more water a few times. Eventually it made it though and started flowing in the gutter.
Then Anna, Jonas, and Lavinia came to visit and the kids played Lego all night.

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Anna said...

Ah, I see the "poop chips".