Monday, June 16, 2008

Birthday Re-Cap

Since we're finally back home, here's the pics from Bastian turningHe got awesome pirate gear from mama (found on Etsy), though only the cape arrived in time (there was also a hat and felt sword and a pirate map playsilk that still hasn't shown, grrr).
And he blew out his candles. And was so very proud of himself!

It was a nice, laid-back, no pressure sorta birthday with just family and a couple of friends that count as family. I've done the big birthday parties in the past with all my friends' kids, but the hype got to be too much, so I've abandoned that model while the boys are still young. It's just not worth it.


becks said...

sweet cape! happy day to you both!

Rachel said...

Oh, happy birthday Bastian! Three!