Monday, June 16, 2008

Down on the Farm Recap with photos

As I mentioned in the earlier post, Bastian is in love with hassling the animals. Ziggy gets it pretty bad:

He also managed to poke Bootsie in the ear with a stick, which was bad news because I had to check it out and find out what the heck happened and found a tick in her ear and had to hassle her a plenty to get her all cleaned up. Much shaking of the head to rid her ear of hydrogen peroxide commenced.

We went swimming lots:

After Papa got back from New York, he got to swim too. This pool is so nice. It's a private club, though that doesn't mean much. It's an old pool, built before the 50s, at the very least, and it's all wooded until you get to the pool. So you walk on this long path from the parking lot through the woods, past a creek, a putt-putt course, a party cabin, and a playground before hitting the clearing where the pool and volleyball court is. We watched the swim teams practice on several occasions.
They also have a snack bar, so we ate a number of peanut m&ms.
Which the boys shared very nicely.
For three days in a row, Aleks & Bastian played for hours upon hours in the chicken coop. Usually they wore nothing but frog boots. Bastian got covered in tiny scratches from rubbing against chicken wire and picking up hens. Aleks always checked for eggs. Grandpa Jim had already fed the chickens and collected eggs each time they went in, but one morning Aleks managed to find 3 eggs.
Bastian liked to pick up the hens and put them places. With the babies, it was in a cage that Jim keeps for ill chickens and the grown-up biddies got either thrown in the baby section or shoved in the hen house.
Much to the chagrin of Grandma & Grandpa due to loss and damage, Bastian likes to wear their reading glasses. These he found laying in the yard, which Jim must have dropped.
Aleks helps to pick snow peas for dinner while Bastian throws clods of dirt about.
For Father's Day, the boys painted cards for my dads and for Papa.
They woke Papa up with his presents, which they then opened for him.
And Bastian gave Papa kisses and hugs.

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Rachel said...

Aw, so sweet. I love the naked egg collecting photos.