Thursday, June 19, 2008

Coventry Street Fair

Every summer, there is one street each month up the street from our house. We tend to miss them because they're always on Thursday evenings when I always have other meetings and events, but we managed to make it to June's fair this year. We were actually heading out the door for a Junior Ranger program at a farm, but we were running super late and hadn't had dinner, so when I realized the fair was on, I turned the car around and parked back at the house.

Bastian dressed himself up as a witch and Aleks wore Bastian's pirate cape.
First stop was saying hi to Heather at the Rape Crisis Center Table, where she was volunteering. The boys hadn't seen her in awhile, as she still hasn't brought over the book about giant squids.

Immediately after, the boys spotted the Flower Clown who was making balloon animals.
Aleks got an alien and Bastian got an enormous black spider (which I seem to have no photos of).
We ate dinner at Tommy's together. The boys fought with their massive balloons, which was quite tight in the booth, much to Papa's chagrin. I tried to remind him how cute they are.
One booth was selling funny hats. Aleks really liked this wolf hat, which he called a werewolf, but it was twenty dollars he wasn't willing to part with, despite the day previous having counted out his new money jar earnings from Grandpa Jim which amounted to quite a bit more than that.
Bastian tried on a crab hat.
We sat and watched a puppet show for awhile about helping others. At the end, it started talking about how Jesus was the only one who could help you, which led to it being promptly and abruptly time for us to go.

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