Monday, June 23, 2008

Visit to Anna's

Our friend Anna and her children, Jonas and Lavinia, moved into a new house with a nice, fenced-in backyard. We stopped into visit for awhile since during the day, she is immobile due to watching children in her home. Bastian saw me sitting on a yoga ball and brought me a dragon and pulled up a moon bounce ball beside me. Jon caught us striking similar positions.A bit later, while running through clover, Bastian got stung by a bee. I have never been stung my whole life, but Aleks has been stung four times and now Bastian's been stung once. I had to take a picture, which Jon yelled at me about because I left the stinger in, which he said was coursing venom into Bastian's foot. Turns out he was right, because after I got the stinger out, you could see the venom moving upwards through his bloodstream - it was swollen and white while the skin around it was red. I put a meltaway Benedryl strip on the wound and added some ice to wet it. I didn't want to give Bastian Benedryl, but putting some on the sight helps with the pain and swelling a lot. I guess Bastian is not allergic to bee stings, we've learned from this.
Lyz came by to pick up Xoe. I made a joke about not being able to imagine her with a stroller. She said she'd walk really slow so we could watch out the window.
In the evening, the kids played heroes and villains in the backyard and we had pizza for dinner.

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