Sunday, March 9, 2008

Two Feet of Snow

With two feet of snow on the ground, the boys make their debut on the front lawn. Cautiously, at first.Bastian digs in, trying to escape to the street.
He can't get far since the snow is almost as high as him.
Aleks gives up, lays down in the middle of the yard.
The driveway and the yard are the same height, since the plow didn't come. By 1 am Monday morning, they'd plowed the neighbors driveway (employed by the same landlord), but not ours. Not sure if Aleks will make it to speech therapy by 11:30.
The extent of it.


emily said...

I cannot believe all that snow! There is something so seemingly romantic about being snowed in. Hope you have survived....I am sure the beer helped!

Christian Long said...

So insanely envious down here in Texas. Can you FedEx us a bit of the fluffy stuff???