Monday, March 10, 2008

We got out!

After no plow for three? four? days, finally we got shoveled out of our driveway. After, of course, we got the car stuck and I dug it out by myself, but I digress.

It turns out the plow guy's truck broke somehow while plowing our neighbor's driveway. So he came back the next day with a rented bobcat. It kept looking like he was going to tip it. It was very exciting to watch. Bastian and I stared out the windows, following the movement from room to room to see it all the snow pushed into huge piles.
A clear path for our car! Jon went for groceries finally! We have fresh vegetables and eggs!
Five feet of snow:


Deadly Little Lilly said...

wowie!!! Wish I had snow.I am surprised Aleks gave up he used to play in ice huts for hours!

Anna said...

geez, I'm glad you finally got out - that was crazy! I spent three hours shovelling my driveway, and that was with help.