Thursday, March 13, 2008

Montessori Method Take 2 - Pouring Textures

Taking another leaf out of Maria Montessori's book after seeing a photo of a mom's Montessori playroom, I got a bunch of bowls, scoops, funnels, and grains out for the kids to experiment with. Bastian always loves when I put an activity out for him and comes right up to join in. He also loves cooking and using real bowls and real food was probably pretty appealing. I used quinoa, basmati rice, kidney beans, and red lentils. He went to work right away.
He scooped up a bit of everything.
Then dumped it in another bowl or through the funnel.
Aleks got curious and came over.
Then he too joined in scooping.
And mixing and pouring.
Then there were grains all over my dining room. On the floor, on the chairs, on the table, on the rug, in the plant, on the windowsill...


Anonymous said...

I have a rice container for my girls. They are similar ages to your boys. 11/4/02 and 06/12/05. When they play in the rice, it is everywhere!! Then after I clean it up and vacuum, they get it out immediately afterward. lol.

Great idea about the grains. I'll have to pull them out.

I've also used flour and they have played in that while I cooked supper.

Are you Montessori inspired?

I haven't been on mdc for awhile but remembered your username. Aleks was born with a cleft, right? My dd, now 17!, was also born with one and I think I remember talking with you about it when aleks was little.

anna kiss said...

I'm not particularly Montessori inspired. Some of the ideas are nice though and I happened to come across this one. Something to entertain them and keep things fun and interesting when we're trapped under feet and feet of snow!

Yes, Aleks was born with a cleft. I don't know your username, otherwise I might remember talking about it. :)

Anonymous said...


It would help if I remembered to tell you my user name. I guess my brain was a little mushy at 4am! I'm village idiot on mdc now. I used to use katelyan when I first joined though.

You might not remember though. It's been a long time. I remember aleks, though, and that things were kind of rough for you for awhile. I remember very well how rough it was for me when my dd was younger.

She had speech therapy for years (until she was 12, maybe?).

It was nice to run see your username again and see how much your boys have grown. I'll bookmark your blog and use it for inspiration.

Chrissy Johnson said...

Ah I LOVE activities like this! In the summer we're all about just taking some funnels, cups, little medicine droppers, scoops out in a big plastic bin of water out to the deck. Throw in a squirt bottle and we're good to go for hours, who needs a Y membership? I'm using your little activity this week! Love love love it. I think I'll use those pinto beans and all that rice I have...Hope you all are doing well! (Chrissy (Dano) Johnson)

lerend zonder school said...

What a great idea! I know my Kyan (2) would love this! Thanks for the idea.