Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dyeing Easter Eggs

Again, doing this stuff piecemeal and way late. While visiting Grandma Cat & Grandpa Jim for the Easter weekend, the kids got to color eggs. Because my parents have their own chickens, some of which are brown egg layers and some of which are Araucanas, which is also known as the Easter Egg Chicken, the eggs were already pretty colorful and didn't necessarily need dye. In the past, we've had a lot of trouble dyeing them at all - they usually come out rather pale. This year, however, we discovered the secret.Aleks uses a white crayon to draw on the eggs in lieu of the wax crayon that didn't come with our Paas kit for some asinine reason.
Grandpa Jim, Grandma Cat, and ziggy, who eyes the wine, sit after dinner watching everyone make a mess of the table and themselves and creating technicolor chicken fetus casings.
And the secret is: straight vinegar mixed with the Paas tablets. I believe that in the past we've done a water/vinegar mix, which didn't yield such spectacular results. One of these years, I think I'd like to try plant dyes, like Pepperpaints did.
Some of our fantastically bright eggs in a basket on Easter morning. Unfortunately for Jim, he appears to be the only one who can stand actually eating all these hardboiled eggs. I don't mind one once in awhile, but the Easter ones never taste as good for some reason. I believe in the past we've just taken them all out of the baskets in the morning and made up some deviled eggs for Spring Festival dinner in the evening.

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