Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Papa's Pepper Plants

Papa is germinating several varieties of hot pepper seeds in trays in the kitchen. They rest on a heating pad, to encourage them. Aleks doesn't like spicy things and neither does mama, and from Bastian's experience with the peppercorn, I'd say it's safe to say that he's not particularly fond of spicy stuff either. Regardless of our aversions, Papa loves the heat. Which is odd when one considers our genetic backgrounds. The kids and I are all Mexican, whereas Jon is Ukranian. I suppose genetic background has little to do with taste.

When sent out to purchase a heating pad to warm these earthen buds, I accidentally got one that has an automatic shut-off after two hours. Rather than taking it back to the store to exchange it, Papa opened it up and set to work anyway. It is now Aleks' job to turn the thing back on to "super high heat" when the automatic shut-off takes over. He checks the control panel several times daily and makes sure to tell whoever is listening that he turned it back onto super high heat. Well done, my boy.

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