Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bead stringing

After mixing the borax crystal solution, the kids grabbed my bead box because I'd had it out for metal wire for the snowflake shape. They sat down and watched this Scooby Doo video they got at the library and strung glass beads on metal string. Here's Bastian staring at the dvd player, totally enraptured in Scooby Doo. I swear they watched that video for three days straight. I discovered that there's about 2 seconds of Plastic Bertrand's Ca Plane Pour Moi on the end of one of the episodes, which was really disappointing.
Staring and stringing a bead (which is much more fine a motor skill than stringing the painted penne the other day).
Aleks used letter beads for his. He first just tried stringing together random letters hoping it would spell something, but then I suggested he spell something he knew. His first attempt was "Dynex," which is the brand on the dvd player. When I explained it wasn't really a word, but the name of the company, he took it off and spelled "zombie."
Bastian's chain. He really got the hang of this pretty quickly after the attempt at the necklace the other day.
Aleks' randomly-strewn-together-letters word.

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