Monday, December 17, 2007

Gingerbread People, Shamrocks, and Imperial Walkers

So I got a bug up my butt that to continue the holiday festivities, despite Aleks' head injury, we must make gingerbread cookies pronto. We had bought all the stuff and were prepared to make vegan cookies, icing and all so that Jon could eat them too, should he so desire. As it turned out, he also got the joy of doing all the baking. Except for the few minutes where I was in charge of taking cookies out of the oven, which I did not do, which resulted in an entire tray of burnt cookies. C'est La Vie.

Jon and Bastian worked hard cranking out the (rather crumbly - thanks veganism) cookie dough. The kids immediately grabbed whatever cookie cutters we had, resulting in a shamrock cookie and a turkey cookie in addition to all the little gingerpeeps.
Aleks' new Imperial Walker/Storm Trooper Transformer found its way across the rough terrain of cooling cookies.
Many of the cookies stuck together too, so the AT-AT (Imperial Walker) is pictured here stepping on a chain of 6 or so cookiefolk on its way to Hoth.
The icing didn't work out great either, but we had some conjoined triplets and a conjoined twin that was anatomically correct (thank you Papa). We gave these to the upstairs neighbor who was packing to move to Chicago and she said they were delicious!
Here's a bowlful of gingery goodness!

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