Monday, December 17, 2007


Because we are freaks, we hung the holiday decorations up in the middle of a blizzard. I had waited a long while to buy the garlands because I was so incredibly busy being stressed out about getting stuff ready for the holidays as well as starting a business. The kids bundled up in snowsuits (Bastian's is technically a holiday gift) and braved their way down the stairs.They eat snow no matter what I have to say about it.
Me, all bundled against intense winds and near white-out conditions.
Bastian ran in the street at one point! He couldn't see the difference because everything was covered, but I think he had an idea that the street was there and not okay to run in. Maybe the blanket of snow made it seem like it was okay for now since it looked just like the yard.
Our garlands, all finished:
Then the boys threw snowballs at me and each other.

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