Sunday, December 16, 2007

Harry Potter Scene It? Out For blood!

While trying to get our Harry Potter Scene It? game out of the closet by standing on a filing cabinet, Aleks lost his footing and fell off with the tin game box falling after him and hitting him in the head. The cut didn't bleed for very long, but it wouldn't stay together, so we eventually decided to make our way to the hospital despite the blizzard that had just started.
Aleks brought his new Transformer AT-AT (Imperial Walker) that he'd bought with his own money the day before. He showed it to all the hospital employees, very few of whom seemed to know what the heck an Imperial Walker was. Aleks also objected to having to wear astronaut pajamas. I think he wanted to pick out his own print, but there wasn't much choice. He has specifically expressed his desire to go to another planet and his need for a real astronaut suit recently, so the objection confuses me a bit. Here's his cut under waterproof tape to protect it while the numbing gel works its magic.
All done, waiting to be discharged. He had 3 stitches, which Grandma Cat cut out 5 days later. He did not like getting stitched at all. The first 2 stitches seemed okay, but I think he really felt the 3rd one. Still, he handled it like a champ.

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