Friday, December 9, 2011

Holiday Countdown Day 9

Due to scheduling conflicts, we had to switch Days 9 and 10. Thus, Day 9...
December 9 - Have a Mad Hatter tea party with friends.
We invited the neighbor girls over to join us. We had the latest version of Alice in Wonderland playing in the living room. We had four or five different tea sets on the table. Bastian and I made a chocolate beet cake for snacking.

Then, as we were getting ready, Aleks decided he wanted to be the White Rabbit. I had said we would dress up, but I figured we'd just wear whatever, not necessarily dress as characters from the books/movies. Besides, I didn't have Alice in Wonderland costumes. Then I went digging and came up with some. We made Aleks' ears out of quilt batting. Bastian's knight tunic fit nicely as a playing card.I knew that the neighbors' parents had been the Mad Hatter and Alice for Halloween last year, so I called her up and told her to pull out the costumes. Melody was the Mad Hatter.
Kallie was Alice.
I think I'm going to get Aleks into some of the theatre courses in our co-ops. He's really naturally inclined toward imitation.
Kallie and Bastian went digging for one of the cats' mice toys to put in a tea pot on the table, but couldn't find any. We have a mouse-themed matroska set though.

The Queen of Hearts is quite lonely when she's had everyone's head chopped off.

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Matthew Temple said...

Queen of Hearts..don't be lonely!