Sunday, December 11, 2011

Holiday Countdown Day 10

December 10 - Have a fancy dinner with china, silver, candlelight, and guests.

We invited our friend Heather over for our fancy dinner. It was very fancy. The kids and I cleaned in preparation while Jon went to a department holiday party. I taught Aleks how to dust while Bastian vacuumed. Aleks had determined the menu. He wanted raw oysters and salmon steaks with buttered broccoli. I bought sparkling lemonade and champagne, nice cheeses, assorted olives (including Aleks' favorite, garlic stuffed), and a pre-maid key lime tart. Jon pan-seared the salmon individually and we placed them on a bed of rice pilaf. We steamed broccoli and slathered it with some of our homemade butter.

The table was set with crystal candelabras, my newly-inherited China made in 1940s occupied Japan, real silverware (also newly-inherited), and stained cloth napkins, which was unnoticeable in the dark. Classical music was piped out of the computer.

Aleks wore a sports jacket, Bastian a sweater, and I a hand-me-down studded halter dress which Aleks asked about being made of mithril. We toasted sparkling beverages and were all so full that dessert was postponed until long after dishes.

Aleks ate most of the oysters, FYI.

I didn't get any photos, but our javelina, decked out for the holidays, watched over us while we ate.

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