Friday, June 10, 2011

Day Two - Post-Surgery

My mother was staying with us to help with Bastian while we were in the hospital. She normally lives four hours away. The morning after we got home, she called out, "Who wants pancakes?" Aleks replied, "I do!" Then he ate a pancake. Cut up in very small pieces. With a plastic spoon. Still.

Aleks got to play a lot of video games with lots of pillows under him in the chair without even having to share with his brother. He said he couldn't smile. This was his attempt. At this point, he was still on Tylenol with Coedine pretty much every four hours, though by day three, it started to space out a little bit later in the day. The swelling was still apparent in his face, so he didn't quite look like him yet either.Bastian was very upset that Aleks got to do everything and eat all the special food (smoothies, Odwalla juices, organic Spaghetti-o's (something we've never bought)). We sat outside on the stoop discussing what precisely happened to Aleks and why he was getting to do everything. Bastian later teased Aleks for being slow and unable to eat chips. It was not precisely what I had in mind with this discussion, but there you are.
I was also forced into a piggy-back ride. He just climbed on top of me.
Aleks also had raspberries. Still very slow, not much really happened on Day Two. My mother went home to Dayton though, because we seemed to have it all under control.

In the evening, I was alone with the kids for awhile. I got Gnomeo and Juliet for us from Redbox and Aleks and I watched it together on his bed. He ate pudding. Got it all over his face as he usually does. After the movie, Aleks needed to get up from bed to go to the bathroom. It had been taking quite a lot of time to get to standing in general, so I thought to make a video of it. This particular instance took five minutes just for him to get to sitting and we ran out of memory and missed the part where he stood.

First, in real time, Aleks from laying to sitting up:

If that takes too long, check out the quadruple speed version. I find this version far more terrifying because you can see his breathing and the speed of it makes him look frantic, scared, and in great pain. It really wasn't that bad.

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