Friday, June 10, 2011

Day Three - Post-Surgery

Day Three Post-Surgery, Aleks was able to smile. We also got his nose cleaned up a bit more. He has a stint in the right nostril to hold the shape after his nose revision. His old nose is gone. Aleks wanted me to share this photo with the online friends all rooting for him. He says, "hi." It was taken just before we had the following conversation:
Me: Don't punch your brother. It will take too much out of you.
Aleks: Yeah. You're right. I'll punch him later.
Me: You can punch him tomorrow.

In the evening, our friend Heather came over for her birthday to drink some wine with me and to help us build the Lego Hogwarts Castle Aleks had gotten in honor of being chopped up and sewn back together. It had 3 instruction booklets and 10 bags of pieces and was the largest Lego set we'd ever had. We originally started working on it altogether, but when Heather arrived and Jon joined in, we split into teams because there were too many of us. Aleks worked on the first booklet alone. Heather and I took the 3rd booklet. Jon and Bastian were in charge of the 2nd booklet. Split like this, the work went quite rapidly. The finished product is very cool too. The boys have been using it like a doll house.

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