Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday Afternooning

Natalie had some time before work and we had some time because, well, we usually do, so we decided to make a trip to Horseshoe Park to take a walk. It was lovely. Jon had to run out to buy post-it flags for all the intense reading he's doing these days, so we brought him along than sent him on his way. He sat in the car reading for the remainder of our walk. The weather was lovely for mid-October and the boys got to run off lots of steam and look at weird pods and bugs and all manner of things that they normally explore out in the world.

Afterward, Natalie went off to work and we went out for pizza. The boys watched through a glass window as many pies were made. One of the line cooks repeatedly threw ingredients at the glass, which made them laugh hysterically. Jon and I had nice quiet downtime without having to make dinner or rush anything.
Later, I went out with friends and the boys all went to Target for Pokémon cards, I believe (there's a bit of an obsession developing around these parts).

All around, a lovely day.

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