Friday, October 8, 2010

Pickin' Pumpkins

We met our friend's Heather and Joe out for picking out pumpkins one fine Friday afternoon. I think Wednesday afternoon is best because no one else is there, but alas, schedules would not allow it. It was still far less crowded at the fruit farm than on Saturdays. I didn't get photos of both children with the pumpkins because Jon came along for the first time in several years and wouldn't allow it. Jon splains why we must hurry up and get home to the roast he's put in the oven, lest the house burns down somehow. He also got a very lopsided white pumpkin, not to my particular taste. Additionally, he did not take the many necessary minutes I prefer to ensure the seven different pumpkins we always buy were of several different sizes and shapes. They all seemed mostly round. Ah well, I must release myself from the burden of an expectation of perfection, mustn't I? What better place to start than right here. Breathe...
The boys got some donuts and Heather calmed Jon down a bit so we could relax.
We decided to go for a walk even to let the boys (Aleks, Bastian, and Joe) all run off some necessary energy. We could see all the way to the lake. I always like that.

Jon remained secretly displeased that the roast might be busy burning the house down.
Aleks was very released from any burden.
Bastian attacked Heather.
I cultivated joy and zen.
The house did not burn down. We bought 7 pumpkins. The biggest this year was 46 pounds.


Anonymous said...

Yay! It was so fun! Too bad we couldn't convince Jon to take all the boys away so we could bask in the sweet autumn sun. The fritter kinda made up for it though.

anna kiss said...

I have a funny photo of Joe and Bastian I should send you. I only got a tiny bit of fritter. Would have bought my own, but Jon was in such a damn hurry!