Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Party

Our annual Halloween party was for the first year in many NOT a Harry Potter party. I think we'd exhausted that line. Plus we were exhausting me with the preparations and decorating, so it was easier to be simpler about it all. Well, you know, as much as I do anything simply. We maintained the tradition of starting out with families and ending with adults only.

Jonas and Lavinia spent the night and I gave the four of them a stack of library movies to stay occupied. Bastian passed out right away and Lavinia read herself to sleep while Aleks and Jonas went to sleep all cute in my bed watching Mr. Bean.

We had the usual 7 pumpkins and spent Thursday evening carving them and finishing up Bastian's robot costume.This is a Mudkip design, which Aleks insisted on. Jon found an example on the internet.
On the left is my radiation poisoned face from the lopsided white pumpkin Jon picked out. Interestingly, when we carved it, it had the smell of something between a cucumber and a honeydew melon. Also very thick seeds, which I had wanted to save to grow our own next year, but which required too much motivation in addition to what I had to get ready for the party itself.

On the right is a "creeper" from the boys' (all three of them plus several of Papa's friends) favorite new game, Minecraft. Don't ask me, I don't know. It's all pixelated.
The requisite Cyclops. There should always be a cyclops. Hence the word "requisite."
This is awesome face. Jon's creation.
Mama trying to be fancy.
Mom also always decides how to do the big pumpkin because she is a control freak. I went for a variation of a couple years back.
Bastian's finished robot costume.
The butt.
Bastian walking in the robot costume.

Bastian trying to eat in the robot costume.

Lavinia and I were both fairies.
Aleks had his costume ready for months. He's a Grim Reaper.
Tracie, Natalie, and Amy. Natalie and I made her Paul the Octopus costume.
I knew our neighbors were going to be Alice and the Mad Hatter, but we weren't informed of the twist until they showed up. The kids thought it was bizarre initially, everyone else thought it was great.
Robin playing with our excess eyeballs. Everyone had a good time with them. They were kept in a jar amongst the potions.
Me and the Unibomber.
Amalgam of many costumes parceled together as things got sillier.
Anna, in a uniquely Anna face. I love it. She thinks she looks crazy.
It was a great night. Everyone loves my parties. I throw damn good parties.

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