Saturday, June 12, 2010

We Were Supposed to Go to the Parade

I had big plans to go to the Parade not five minutes from my house today, but I'm a nightowl and had an appointment (or several) every day this past week, meaning that I hadn't gotten much sleep at all in awhile. This has become a real problem for my husband who would like me to have watched Public Enemies by now so it can go back to Netflix, but alas, I keep falling asleep during it. Last night, I went with my sister to see this Swedish folk band. So I was really tired this morning and uh, we didn't make it.

We did some pretty good things though. It was super humid and everyone who was at the parade has been reporting that the mugginess was oppressive and the parade was smaller and less impressive than in previous years anyway. The boys ran around with the little girls from three doors down a bunch, and I found them all in my dining room at one point, all beading necklaces. I wore Bastian's for most of the day:
Then we got the sprinkler going to combat the heat and had our friend River come visit for a long while, which was nice. I'm thinking of taking us all to a movie tonight to sit in air conditioning and eat popcorn. Maybe after the kids go to bed, I'll finish the Johnny Depp movie.


Lillian said...

I have that t-shirt

anna kiss said...

Well so do I. Even if you had it first.