Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bastian Has A Robot Head

A friend linked to this blog on her Facebook about sand light boxes. That's all cool and whatnot, but that's way too involved for my taste and ability. I did like the robots in the masthead though, so I saw a box in my hand as I was walking to the recycling bin and thought better of it. I cut a hole, got some tin foil and gave Bastian some paint brushes. He went to town.


t. litwinko said...

i love how thoughtful bastian looks and how quiet and sweet he is. both him and aleks have such strong personalities in the extremely opposite ways. i love it.

anna kiss said...

It just looks that way. He's really quite animated. And quite loud these days. But very affectionate and less willing to assert himself the way that Aleks does, certainly. You'll have to see him so he can climb on you.