Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Results of Swim Lessons

The result of swim lessons is that we will never take swim lessons again. At least not at 10 in the morning outdoors in Cleveland. I coaxed them into taking lessons the last two days by the promise that they would go off the diving board and get "swim shirts" afterward. It was total bribery. I never do that. Ah well.
Then they were cold.
And mainly unhappy.
I think this face says, "Never again, Mom. Never. Again." Lesson learned. For me.


Chrissy said...

A friend of mine's son has lessons four days a week - in an indoor pool, though. Way too much of a daily commitment for me!

Julie said...

I'm sorry:( Damek took lessons when he was 4 and we haven't been back. He was the only one in his class that wouldn't put his face in the water, and the endless bribes and "have to's" were enough for me.

It took about 2 years from that experience before he was comfortable being in the water again:(