Thursday, June 24, 2010

Belated Birthday Lego

The boys noticed the check that came with a birthday card, so as opposed to my usual sneaky method of using that money to buy the gifts we might have already got them, the boys claimed it as Bastian's and demanded one afternoon that we go buy Lego. I was feeling kind and thought a nice new set might take up quite a bit of their time so I might eat tortilla chips and enjoy a nap.

It was quite hot, so they stripped down to their undies while working. They got two Prince of Persia sets, in the end - one tiny and one large and had an excellent time adding another base to their ongoing Lego Wars, a game they recently invented and have been playing nonstop.

Lego Wars involve anything resembling a creature in their room. They set up both sides and argue over details until abandoning it all to run outside with the little girls. I think mostly they just set the game up. I'm pretty unclear if much warring really occurs.

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