Monday, June 28, 2010

At the Library

For summer reading, Aleks is working his way through the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. I already read the whole series and know that it's fantastic. I knew it would totally be up Aleks' alley. I was right. He spends a lot of time talking about the gods and goddesses and assorted monsters and mythical creatures detailed in the books. It's pretty cool. I secretly wish he would just get on with reading the full-sized novels to himself, but he's not quite there with fluency just yet, so he still prefers to be read to or to listen to them on CD/ipod/online/etc.

I made sure while we visited the library tonight to put holds on the audiobooks for the one he's currently reading as well as the third book to preempt his inevitable need to listen. While I was at the computer catalog taking care of this, Aleks and Bastian played a bit with the felt board and letters. When I came over, he had already spelled - in his own unique way - Zeus and Hades and was working on Poseidon. I corrected his Zeus and Hades spelling and then found a book on the Greek Gods to get Poseidon correct. I can never quite recall. Then we read about the beginning of the universe according to Greek legend.
Bastian, meanwhile, worked on an I Spy puzzle that required he name colors and numbers correctly. I was pretty impressed since he's not picked those up much so far (he's had far more important matters on his mind over the years). Then the library was closing, so we checked out all our materials and walked home, catching shloads of fireflies on the way.


Eric Bosse said...

You're awesome and I love your blogs every time I rediscover them. Thank you.

anna kiss said...

Well thanks for stopping by!