Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sunday at the Botanical Gardens

Aleks has been asking to spend time with Jonas for ages. Finally, we were able to sync schedules. We attended a high-traffic Sunday afternoon at the Botanical Gardens. We usually go on Wednesdays and the like, when there is no one around. Sundays during the Orchid Show are unbelievable by comparison. Still a nice time, though. Spring is starting to show. Unfortunately, the Children's Garden doesn't open until April 1st, so none of my usual photos...

Nuts having been eaten.

The orchid show brings in a ton of people. And of course amazing orchids.

In Madagascar, Bastian and Lavinia showed their love for one another. I've always felt they resemble one another.
I love how the rock garden plants look similar to things that grow on coral reefs. It's like being underwater. In the desert.
Bastian peers in at the hedgehog, who is sleeping, as usual.
Upon entering the rainforest, we spotted this little guy on the path. He wouldn't move, so we lifted him with one of the laminated guides to place him on a nearby branch. We believe his wing was damaged, but still it seemed preferable than getting stepped on accidentally.

Aleks tries to identify orchids.
Then poses for me.

There is a butterfly release every day at 2:30 in the rainforest. The chrysalis are fascinating.
We particularly admire the gold one.

We pointed out to Jonas and Lavinia these plants that live high in the canopy and fill with rainwater. In a real rainforest, plants like these hold tadpoles of tree frogs. The animals in rainforests will stay in the level they are born in for their entire lives. It's amazing to think that frogs can be born and live forever high in the branches of trees.
When we exit, we must check the mirrors to make sure no one has butterflies attached to their clothing. In all our trips, we've not had this happen, but it's still fun to make sure, just in case.

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