Monday, March 8, 2010

March 6th - Bowling and Shopping...

We had a birthday party to go to. We got ready a few days beforehand, making a cape and a recycled plastic bag bag to gift it in. This was all composed of materials I had lying around. I like presents that can be made for no money.
Bastian modeling it.
The plastic bag bag. To make, see here.
The birthday party was at a bowling alley.
Personally, I like the shoes.

Aleks didn't bowl much and had a hard time with knocking pins down, which made him feel kind of upset. He was sort of bummed out the whole time we were there. The place was a bit overwhelming. I don't know what was up with him. He agreed that the place was too much, so that maybe made him uncomfortable. Still, it was fun.
Bastian had a good time.

When I was getting Bastian dressed in the morning, I realized that everyone's shirts had suddenly gotten too short. Pants too. So we went to the mall after the party to buy clothes. Aleks listened to Harry Potter. Big surprise there. Bastian got some jeans. First we tried them on. My kids are so small. Some 4s are too small for him, but the Gap 4s are perfect. Which probably means that we'll just need size 5s next fall. Dang kids and their weird growing. Bastian will be 5 in May. Surely he's going to grow up a bunch at some point here, right?
We had intentions of getting Aleks new shirts so Bastian could just inherit Aleks' 110s because he's in 100s right now, but apparently now that it's all of the first week in March, long sleeved tees are unnecessary. Grr...
This is my fabulous life:
Bastian checks out his butt.

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