Monday, March 8, 2010

Bedroom Redux

Since Aunt Natty's been staying with us, obvious problems with storage and space issues became manifest. Our apartment used to look like this. Lately, things have been much more problematic, however.

A friend posted our local message board that she had an armoire for sale for $25 and I was lucky enough to be the first person in line for it. It was intended for a computer hutch, but I thought it'd be more useful as a place to keep games and craft supplies to be easier accessed by all. I picked it up yesterday with my friend, Henry. Then I spent the whole day rearranging and cleaning the boys room. I wish I'd had the foresight to paint the walls!

Aleks now has a place to draw.Closed:
The teepee was relocated to the corner it used to be in.
Aleks made use of the desk right away.
Up top are games with lots of pieces that I don't necessarily want out all at once (thinking here of Bastian's tendency to dump and the fact that we regularly babysit a two-year-old, good at the same).
Aleks' art supplies and books he uses for inspiration.
On the bottom are the big puzzles and games. The left bottom basket is all Playmobile toys. On the right are all the action figures and "guys."
The side cabinet has books, Aleks' money and collections. The spray bottle is for humidifying Esteban's aquarium.
The boys now have their very own junk drawer! Perfect for the odds and ends no one quite knows what to do with (hello, Pokemon cards).
A drawer just for Play-doh and clay.
Aleks' drawings and paper.
A tour of the rest of the room... The aquarium has its own pedestal now, beneath my wall of narcissism.
Wall items were relocated and the pirate flag and treasure map went up for the first time.

We still have the Christmas lights on the bed. It's a nice nightlight.
The games were all stored in the closet and became totally inaccessible due to sharing the space with Natalie.
See what I mean?


Sarah said...

Wow that looks really great!

Erin said...

Thank you for the inspiration! :) I must conquer the boys' room sometime before this week is over. I am also downsizing soon and will have to find some smart storage solutions... most of their toys are in baskets and bins, but they seem to mysteriously keep multiplying!

Kate said...

Love it! I also love the Mermaid painting in your bathroom! Liv has a major love for ocean myths, mermaids,aquatics etc! Where did you find that piece? It's beautiful!

anna kiss said...

We made the mermaid!

Kate said...

I want! How did you do it?

Rebecca said...

It looks beautiful, Anna.

(Does it stay that way??)

anna kiss said...

Kate - It's paper. You should just come see it sometime and I'll explain it. You could totally make something similar. Or, you know, you could commission a piece from me. ;)

Rebecca - um, no, but I got it all nice and deep cleaned in this process, so it's very clean right now. Especially since we're currently in Chicago. lol

Julie said...

I love your home! Such character. I'm also on the lookout for a cheap armoire, exactly for what are using yours for. Right now all of our craft/art supplies are in plastic bins with lids, so their sort of out of site unless sitting around in the way opened.