Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stuck Inside

I'm sick with a sinus infection, the roads aren't always great, and it's February. We're not doing a whole hell of a lot these days. Mostly, we're indoors and I'm trying to make sure the boys don't melt their brains with zombie games nonstop. I understand why some homeschooling families take this month off as "vacation": this month sucks. It encourages self-doubt, anxiety, and crisis mode coping (in the usually anxious, often self-doubting unschooling mother).

The boys were able to discover some new things to do, though. Especially since the cord to the portable DVD player broke and then the replacement cord quit working. For instance, they dragged the massive box of k'nex out of the basement and started working on geometry.
And engineering (the blur is the structure spinning, attached to a motor):
So at least that's something.

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