Monday, February 15, 2010

Here Be Lions

One morning last week, I lay in bed, sleeping between Bastian and Papa, likely in odd contortions, attempting to remain asleep despite them. At one point, I awoke and could hear the song "Gold Lion" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs blaring from the living room. It wasn't quite loud enough to object to, so I closed my bedroom door and tried to get Bastian's elbow out of my back to go back to sleep.

Awhile later, Bastian awoke and immediately started to explain that he'd had a dream where he'd been eaten by a lion. I could guess as to why that might have popped in his head and just snuggled him close and tried to assure him that all was well. Aleks then came running in with a lion costume on and grabbed Bastian and ran to the living room. Then I heard him trying to get Bastian to wear a lion mask much to Bastian's annoyance.

I only just discovered this video on our camera, however.


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that is awesome! can i post it on my facebook?

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