Monday, February 15, 2010

I Was Busy

Even before the last two posts (or more), I was busy doing a (feminist) theatre production (to very positive response) and so I spent most of January not thinking about my children much except to feel guilty for not being a better "homeschooling" parent, doing more to get them out and about, and fulfilling my duty as their mother to enrich their lives and prevent them from brain-melting via endless computer games and dvd viewing. Instead, I spent January in the blue glow of backstage.
But here and there, we did some things about the house and occasionally I remembered to photograph it for proof. We used the microscope the boys got for Christmas to look at the prepared slides and sometimes to look at things we found ourselves, like this pear, dyed red with liquid that came in the set. Also, we looked at onion skins, yeast, and some other stuff I can't recall.
We finally pulled our Rorschach snowflakes out to see how the epsom salts fared (the sugar solution started to grow mold early on and got pitched). After more than a month, we had a few crystals, quite different in shape and size from our borax crystals.
The boys climbed on Papa here and there.
And did some crafty stuff too, I'm sure. At least some painting.
More to come...

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