Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Countdown - Day Nineteen - December 15

I secretly switched the scrolls from days 19 & 20 in order to hit Natty's day off for this activity (My sister, Natalie, is now living with us and got a job locally). Somehow, I have no recollection of having ever ice-skated in all my life though both of my younger sisters took figure skating for years. Natty has fancy professional skates and leotards and the whole bit. The rest of us haven't a clue.
There's a local rink outdoors for the holiday season, but it turns out it's only open during the weekends up til December 20th, when it opens for all of the holiday week. We went to the rec center instead, where the rinks are larger and probably much nicer. They also have handy-dandy learning-to-skate aids. It took the boys awhile to get accustomed to even trying, but eventually they did all right.
Natty invited our friend Tony to meet up with us. He helped us with the kids.
Surprising even myself, I did okay.
Natty jumping!

Aleks skating:

Aleks eventually got tired and left the rink with Bastian. He took photos of me zooming past though.

Afterward, we went out for cupcakes as we heard it was National Cupcake Day. The folks at the bakery were thrilled to learn this and wished they'd known before.

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