Thursday, November 5, 2009

Two Developments

Two exciting developments in a single day:

- At speech therapy today, Aleks was first able to say his "r" sound sharply. His therapist had him demonstrate this for me by having him say "car." He really did sound great! I said, "Your brain must have grown!"

- Aleks discovered his first loose tooth while prying Lego apart with his teeth! It's on the bottom in the middle and is just wiggling. He said he was excited to put it under his pillow. I asked him why. He said for the tooth fairy.
I said, "Oh, okay. How much does the tooth fairy leave you these days?"
He said, "A dollar... Or sometimes a trinket."
I replied, "A trinket?"
"Yeah, a trinket."
"Alrighty then. Thanks for informing me."

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