Friday, November 20, 2009

Revisions to the Holiday Countdown List

I noticed several other bloggers and mamas started to say they would begin their countdown lists on Thanksgiving and some said they would go to New Year's. The nice thing about going 'til New Year's is that it makes it all about the whole season and not just about the payoff of Christmas. Since we had such a buildup last year that came out with a lot of frenzy and crazed children, I think that this might help. Thus, I've changed my list up a bit to include 35 days instead of merely 25. I might lose my mind trying to make all this happen, but hopefully we'll just do our best and get over it.

Without further ado...
27th. Extract Honey with Grandpa Jim .
28th. Go see The Fantastic Mr. Fox.
29th. Finish up Holiday cards.
30th. Decorate the house with garland and lights.
1st. Make paper snowflakes and decorate the windows.
2nd. Visit the Christmas Story house.
3rd. Make crystal snowflakes.
4th. Pick out a really nice Christmas tree (but don’t squish any elves that may be hiding in the branches!).
5th. Decorate the tree and drink hot chocolate.
6th. Go on a walk in the woods. Gather items for the winter nature table.
7th. Write letters to Santa.
8th. Make popcorn strands for the tree.
9th. Make color ice blocks. Add salt. Build things.
10th. Visit Snowdrop's Adventure Game (a local event for kids to play a giant-sized board game about a white deer).
11th. Make dough ornaments for the tree.
12th. Wear fancy dress for dinnertime.
13th. Enjoy a candlelit bubble bath.
14th. Listen to holiday music and set up a nature table for the season.
15th. Make homemade playdough.
16th. Let’s go ice skating today!
17th. Have breakfast for dinner.
18th. Have breakfast with Santa at the Farmpark 10:30 a.m.
19th. Build a Gingerbread house.
20th. Bake a batch of Christmas cookies.
21st. Buy a gift for a family in need via Heifer International.
22nd. Visit Baba.
23rd. Go see the lights at Clifton Mill.
24th. Christmas Eve: Unwrap one present after dinner (Mama & Papa get to pick which one).
25th. It’s Christmas Day. Enjoy your time with friends and family, food and fun!
26th. Go for a walk at Aulwood.
27th. Have a tea party.
28th. Is the sky clear? Get out the telescope for some star gazing, if not, go for a nighttime walk with homemade lanterns.
29th. Family Game Night!
30th. Make dragon eggs.
31st. It's New Year's Eve! Make a list of plans for the New Year.


Mel said... are brave. I"ve done our list...will post it later today...

Rachel said...

Ooo, I love these revisions! I've been thinking the same about extending all the way to New Year's Day. A tea party! Good idea. And dragon eggs...if we have snow/freezing temps, we'll definitely have to do these again (and call them dragon eggs this time)! I really like the colored ice blocks too, so if we get some cold weather here after Christmas, we'll have to jump on these ideas.

Rebecca said...

I love those dragon eggs! Unfortunately, living in a rain forest, we tend to melt all those cool ice things. And when it's cold and snowy, we can't go anywhere because our snow turns to ice as soon as it hits the pavement... and the municipalities around here don't have enough snow removal/management equipment to keep up. It's hard to know what to hope for... but we still bravely do our ice lanterns each year, even though the rain often extinguishes the tea lights inside them.

I think you'll quite enjoy the extension into New Year's. It evens things out in a good way and gives us all something more to look forward to.

Can't wait to see your origami! That's a brilliant idea (I've been reading Rachel's blog) and I think I may just borrow it for next year (says the person who was moaning about all those little envelopes... can't wait to see what I'm like after the 35th crane...).

Julie said...

You got some great activities! I might have to borrow some. I need to make my list. Hopefully tomorrow:)