Friday, November 20, 2009

City Fresh Holiday Style

There are two late-autumn City Fresh pick-ups, one the week before Thanksgiving and the other the week before Christmas. When Amy and I were talking the holiday shares up at the last two regular-season City Fresh dates, we'd say that you'd get "squash and sweet potatoes and squash and onions and squash and other root vegetables and squash and squash and kale and squash." We were very amused with ourselves.

After speech therapy, we zoomed downtown to drop Papa off at the library then rush over to the holiday share spot. We listened to The Tale of Despereaux on CD in the car instead of the news as Aleks requested. When we got there, everything was pretty much set and unloaded already, though nobody knew what to do about checking people in. We eventually worked it well enough.

The kids brought bags of toys to play with. Bastian was clinging to me for part of the evening as he'd fallen asleep in the car. He sat on my lap whining while I wrote folks receipts for December's share.

There was indeed squash as promised.
And cabbage bigger than your head. We figure one could use this one cabbage and manage cabbage rolls, corned beef and cabbage, and coleslaw.
Butternuts...which look like my friend Becca's head, or so she says.
There were really only two kinds of squash, as it turned out. We still have like 35 squash at home though.
Josh is the truck-driver. He brings the veggies from the farms and usually looks like a bit of a urban farmhand himself. What with the mud on his pants and boots.
Told you. Cabbages bigger than your head.
Giant turnips too.
There were goons hiding behind the cabbage pyramid they built.

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Lillian said...

you should bring some to the farm for thanksgiving if you want/have enough which I am sure you do!